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Madison Water Utilities At Work

Do Your Part This Year


As the picture shows, Madison Water Utility crews are already out clearing mineral sediment from over 800 miles of water mains around the city. A tall order indeed, and these faithful crews spend months and months moving from neighborhood to neighborhood, opening up over 2500 fire hydrants to flush iron and manganese and debris out of our city’s water pipes. Reports state it is a tedious 8-9 month process from April till around Thanksgiving according to Shayne Santi at Madison’s Water Utility offices. “The goal is to flush the whole city one way or another.”

Previous years’ shifts in pumping water patterns were called into question when chemical analysis of manganese issues were brought to light, and gigantic changes were made to revamp Madison’s flushing plans. The result is our city has a focus that sets us apart from most Midwest Utility programs. Naturally occurring manganese here in Madison changed 11 years ago to what is termed ” unidirectional flushing” which achieves a high velocity of water through the pipe and scours debris off the pipe walls and keeps it very clean.

Madison is on the forefront of doing unidirectional flushing and having a routine protocol for doing that,” says Abigail Cantor a nationally recognized water chemistry expert. . “It’s essential for achieving the best water quality that can be achieved.

Water main flushing in Madison started this year on April 4th. You can find out when Madison Utility Crews will be working in your neighborhood on Madison Water Utility’s water main flushing page. Now an important question for you.

What Can You Do To Help?

As a home, business, or school, hospital, restaurant or institutional facility owner; Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. invites you to participate with the City of Madison and do your part to help ensure clean water in your home or business. It’s a tall order for sure, but here are some tips that will help:

  • Clean your shower heads Removing any mineral buildup in the shower head will improve the overall water flow and waste less water in the shower.
  • Inspect your water heater Especially if it’s a bit on the older side! Check for signs of rust colored water or extra moisture around the base of the water heater.
  • DrainStrainer Put strainers on your drains. In your sinks, showers and tubs. There is nothing worse than standing in a clogged up shower knowing that there’s probably more hair clumping up your drains than there is on your head.
  • Fill your drain traps Pour about a gallon of water into infrequently used drains, including floor dains, to fill the trap and prevent sewer odors from entering the house.
  • Check your water supply line hoses Check your washing machine and dishwasher hoses for leaks or bulges. If your hoses are older than 10 years they should be replaced. Consider using braided stainless steel hoses.
  • Use A Water Softener. Water softeners purpose to remove the trace minerals before you use the water. Water softeners for larger-scale applications can use reverse osmosis to filter out trace minerals, while household water softeners often use an ion-exchange resin. This resin replaces ions in the water like calcium and magnesium with sodium.

We believe here at Action that just these simple steps will help to make major differences in your washer, dishwasher, ice maker, commercial ice machines, water filtration systems, and laundry machines, and even inside the water heaters by doing these simple procedures. Your clothes will be cleaner, no white residue inside the dishwasher, fewer spots on the dishes, and overall cleanliness of your clothes and even in the condition of your own skin and hair mean peace of mind for your family. For restaurant owners, hospitals, pubs, and other institutions; a simple call to Action may be in order to provide an inspection of the facilities so recommendations can be made about what you can do.

Join Madison Water Utility crews in your home, business, or school and commercial facilities, and clear mineral sediment from every area you can. Let Action Plumbing help you extend the life of your appliances and pipes with a water softening solution for your home if you don’t have one, or perhaps make a new addition to commercial laundry, commercial kitchen or industrial location. We can also help you with any heating, electrical and plumbing repairs that you might need.

Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. has expert technicians available 24/7 to assist you with any plumbing issues.

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