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Sump pumps have become must-have equipment in preventing basement and crawl space water damage since the Federal Clean Water Act prohibited builders in the majority of municipalities from draining rainwater collected by gutters into sewer systems. Most often, the retaining water basins in new construction communities fail to completely alleviate flooding concerns. While older construction may have to deal with either the complete lack of, or the breakdown and failure of, internal and external moisture barriers and drainage systems.

Estimates currently show that upwards of 90 to 95 percent of all basements will experience some form of water penetration, flooding, or recurrent water leakage concerns. The main source of flooding is usually caused by water not being carried far enough away from building foundations. Rainwater and melted snow saturate the ground near the structure. This filters in through cracks and even microscopic fissures in the foundation, drain tiles, walls, and floors. There may also be the possibility of other, more serious, structural problems to consider.

Sump pump systems work well when the property owner is aware of the main causes and concerns for flooding or excess water. If there is a soil saturation or soil settlement concern that has not been properly addressed, the foundation or slab will be at risk for structural damage. Sump pumps can function very well as the last line of defense against flooding.

Sump pumps are designed to remove the water collected in the sump hole or pit before it reached your basement or crawl space floor level. When water reaches the critical level, it is pumped outside through a pipe leading away from your foundation.

Get your sump pump replacement done by Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. in Middleton WI.

Nobody wants to deal with the hassles and inconveniences of time-consuming clean-up tasks caused by flooding. As most flooding episodes occur following severe weather outbreaks, sump pump systems have been developed with very reliable auxiliary power accessories, to ensure continued operation during power failures. These battery back-ups and extended auxiliary power systems can help prevent thousands of dollars in losses due to material and structural damages.

A recurring flooding situation can decrease property values, and can be leading cause to discourage potential buyers due to damages of these items: plumbing system, electrical systems, foundation, drain tiles, cracked or bowed walls, cracked floors, carpet, tiles, drywall, and rotted wood, etc…

Sump Pump Benefits

  • Maximizes property value.
  • Ensures the structural integrity of foundation.
  • Controls dampness and humidity, providing a warmer, drier basement.
  • Inhibits fungus, molds and mildew concerns, resulting in a cleaner and healthier home.
  • Prevents termite and insect infestations.
  • Avoids damaged wall coverings, furniture, and peeling paint.
  • Hinders rust and corrosion of metal appliances, furnishings, and structures.
Need Help?

Novice installers and do-it-yourselfers can be exposed to dangerous situations inherent in sump pump installation and may encounter serious structural difficulties. Thus, it is highly recommended that only qualified professionals install and/or repair sump pumps.

A professional service advisor from Action Plumbing will provide you with help selecting the proper sump pump system selection, backup battery, auxiliary power supply, and the installation services best suited to your needs. State-of-the-art solutions are available to fit every need and budget. Protect your investment!

Call Action Plumbing now to discuss your sump pump needs. Sun Prairie, WI: 608-837-3638.

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