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Boiler Services in Sun Prairie, Madison & Middleton, WI

Keeping Your Home’s Heat Going Strong

Does it seem like your house isn’t heating the way you need it to when you want to stay warm? Boiler issues typically become most noticeable in the winter, but problems can occur at any time of the year. That’s why Action Plumbing, Heating, A/C & Electric provides effective boiler services to homeowners across Sun Prairie, Madison, and Middleton.

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Boiler Basics

It’s uncommon for homeowners to know their boilers inside and out, so it’s easy to miss indicators that a unit needs to be repaired, replaced, or serviced. Take a look at our list of boiler basics to determine whether it’s time to call for Action.

Boiler Installation & Replacement

On average, a high-efficiency condensing boiler will last approximately 15 years, and cast iron boilers can last for 20 years or even longer, provided it receives the proper routine maintenance. If your boiler is 15 years or older, choosing to upgrade can yield better heating capabilities at a greater rate of efficiency, but here are other signs it’s time to replace the boiler:

  • The unit requires an increasing frequency of repairs
  • There is black soot or oil, and the gas burner flame is yellow
  • The unit springs more than one leak
  • Heat output is decreasing
  • Energy bills are going up

If you think it may be time for a new boiler in your Wisconsin home, contact Action for by-the-book installation from qualified professionals.

Boiler Repair Services

It doesn’t always take a total replacement to get your home back to adequate heating. There are plenty of common issues that Action can successfully repair, including:

  • Minor leaks
  • Low pressure
  • No hot water or heat
  • Thermostat problems
  • Pilot light turning off
  • Noises such as banging or whistling

If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your boiler, don’t wait to contact Action at 555-555-5555 for prompt, long-lasting repairs.

Boiler Maintenance Services

Like any major system in your home, your boiler needs to be maintained for optimal function and to maximize its service life. Action offers preventative maintenance and tune-ups, during which our technicians will:

  • Check the pilot light
  • Look for leaks
  • Inspect valves and pumps
  • Inspect flue
  • Ensure proper ventilation
  • Inspect safety control
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Check blower motor and heat exchanger
  • And more!

We offer one-off maintenance appointments as well as a pre-scheduled service, so you can get the regular tune-ups you need and extra support whenever necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boilers

How often should I get my boiler serviced?

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that yearly maintenance is the best way to keep your boiler running strong for its entire life span.

What’s the difference between a furnace and a boiler?

A furnace uses hot air to blow heat through a home’s ductwork, while a boiler circulates water through pipes to heat a home.

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