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Why Is My Mini-Split Not Cooling?

Homeowner controlling cooling unit with remoteDuctless mini-splits are a compact, efficient way to cool specific zones within your home. They’re also perfect for smaller homes without ductwork. Just like other AC systems, they run into problems sometimes. Read on to learn more about some common causes of mini-split cooling problems and what to do about them.

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Thermostat Issues

One common cause of cooling system problems is thermostats. Since the thermostat controls when the system should activate and deactivate, a malfunctioning thermostat can make it seem like you have a problem with your cooling system. Common thermostat problems include:

  • The settings need to be adjusted: Whether it’s the temperature that was set for a different season, cool vs. heat settings, or simply off, the settings on your thermostat can be an easy-to-fix cause of many cooling problems.
  • The thermostat is too old: The average life span for a thermostat is around 10 years. If you’re seeing problems that might be related to the thermostat, get it checked by a pro.
  • Batteries: Not every thermostat is wired to your home electricity. It’s easy to forget to replace thermostat batteries. Sometimes a fresh battery makes all the difference.
  • Location: Where the thermostat is mounted can be as important as which model you have installed. If you’re installing a thermostat, ensure it’s away from drafts, bright windows, or other unusually hot or cold spots.

Refrigerant Leak

Your ductless mini-split uses refrigerant to cool the air it processes. If it has a refrigerant leak, that reduces the system’s capacity to cool effectively. Leaks can be caused by damage to the unit, cracks, or faulty seals at connections. If you see or suspect a leak, get it checked ASAP.

Clogged Air Filter

The air filter in your ductless mini-split prevents dirt, dust, and other particulates from entering the system. All the air passing through the system first goes through the filter. If the filter is clogged or dirty, the unit has to work much harder to force air through. This can reduce the system’s ability to cool. It also causes your energy bills to spike.

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Clogged Condenser Coil

Condenser coils are an essential component of your AC system. These coils on the outside of your AC unit get dirty or clogged but can be cleaned to improve performance. You can do basic coil cleaning with a coil brush, a fin comb, cleaners, and water. For more serious clogs, contact an AC professional.

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