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Contemporary Bathroom Design

Over the course of the last 5 years, the bathroom has transformed itself from a utilitarian space to a haven in the home. Not only is it a beautiful place to relax and recharge, but the water experiences that soothe and excite the senses are like no other. It’s really no wonder homeowners with remodel plans are looking to blend spa-like amenities with their unique visions of comfort and style in the bathroom. We invite you to do the same.

According to Suzanne Maviano, “People are really enjoying their homes these days,”. Suzanne Maviano ASID owns Suzanne Maviano Designed Interiors, Riverside, IL. “Even though they spend a lot of time at work, when they are home, they want to feel like they’re walking into something amazing.” You should be no different right?

Think about luxury in the home or business. This all-purpose term we know as “Luxury” is about more than just style; it’s also about value. After all, many of the most luxurious materials on the planet–diamonds, gold and marble–are also extremely durable and timeless. If you can afford to purchase these essentials, one must be thrifty about it right? And because consumers are looking at their homes in new ways–many refocusing on the long-term commitment—designers and homeowners alike are planning spaces that will continue to deliver luxury and style for many years to come.

Would you like a bathroom or a spa, or maybe both?

In Europe, spa visits are seen as so fundamentally important to the health of citizens that the cost of visiting them is often paid for by employers or directly by the state through insurance subsidies. Stress in all walks of life can simply be washed down the drain, or massaged till peace is achieved. Oh, and let us not forget the health aspect as well. If you live here in the USA, spa visits are still going to gain popularity. This is due in large part, to the stress-reducing, health-boosting benefits just mentioned people find in Europe. And now homeowners are looking for ways to recreate that experience at home.

Designers here in the USA are seeking more and more new ways to add comfort and value to the bathroom. Most master suites do feature in-suite areas which have seating areas, beautiful vanities, and even hot tubs.

Depending on who you talk to, today’s bathing experiences run the gamut from extra-deep soaking tubs to air baths, which allow you to fully immerse yourself in gently massaging bubbles. Wow-what fun! In fact, many of the bathing technologies, from whirlpool jets to chromatherapy, have made their way from destination spas into the home bath.

For a truly unique experience, the VibrAcoustic™ bath sends ambient, sound-wave vibrations through the water, offering what may be the ultimate in deep relaxation. Specialty spas around the world continue to implement state-of-the-art relaxation-type therapies at 5 Star pricing previously only discovered on vacations.

Do you prefer a shower? Like many other homeowners who want something special but who prefer showers to baths, most are choosing custom showers that combine a series of showerheads and bodysprays mounted on the walls and ceiling. If you are moody, you even have the option for electronic controls, allowing you to preset sprays, temperature, music, steam and water use based on how you feel and level of relief desired. Of course, the result is a highly personalized therapeutic experience–a relaxing break from the mental and physical stresses of the day. Total sensory experiences are coming at you daily!

What does luxury look like for You?

If you’ve ever spent time in a high-end hotel, you know just how luxurious their bathrooms can be. As an educated consumer and homeowner now, most everyone is taking notes on products and features that strike their fancy. With particular attention to making every detail a potential item for the bathroom wish list. People that do travel for business, or stay in luxury hotels around the nation are seeing these amazing bathrooms in high-end hotels and they, of course, want to bring that experience home.

New styles and types of elegant vessel sinks and upholstered chaise lounges are making their way from high-rise hotels to homes and in some cases even business and corporate offices. Stylish wood vanities and elegant lighting are becoming the norm. These simple sleek items would look at home anywhere in the house are replacing store-bought cabinetry and medicine cabinets we have grown accustomed to in the past. How about a Cappuccino or a glass of wine from the mini-refrigerator which is installed right into the wall or cabinet.

Custom in-suite baths, have homeowners choosing materials and finishes that enhance the overall look of the space in decor, but also provide lifetime value. Natural stone, gold finishes, beautifully honed surfaces and handcrafted tiles are being combined to create stunning visuals with durable appeal. Glass is also growing in popularity–for sinks, floors, counters and toilet enclosures, backsplashes and showers; they are a sleek and eye-catching alternative to traditional materials say from the 80’s or 90’s.

It’s really about texture, design, simplicity, and clean lines. Most of us need to keep our lives simple. We are bombarded with sensory overload all day every day. People are looking for different textures in their environments, and bathrooms, and what’s more, they’re using unusual combinations of stone and tile – and they’ve graduated into an art form. Today, homeowners are making their bathrooms as nice as any other living space in the rest of their home. In some cases, maybe better.

Lights Playlist and Ultimate Sound

The days of listening to music in the shower on your radio are long gone. Today, waterproof controls and speakers bring your personal playlist directly into the shower. And you can program as many as you like. There are even complete home theaters with flat-panel displays and multi-channel sound systems which transmit the ultimate experience in luxury homes. And they’re being installed in some rather ingenious ways. I read an article about a flat-screen TV in a mirror above the vanity. When the TV goes off, it looks like a regular mirror. But when you turn it back on, the image shows through and you can watch TV. That is the ultimate in chic design and it truly sounds beautiful.

Even more modest home improvement budgets are taking advantage of the lower cost of smaller flat-screen TVs and are tucking them away with DVD players into vanities and medicine cabinets. Watching your favorite show, or educational programming has taken this type of wireless connectivity to a whole new level, with the ability to enjoy movies, music, web browsing and more while you relax in your bath.

There really is no end in sight to what you might do in your home or business. And, for the first time, budget is really not a big issue. Given a creative designer who has the experience, adding little luxuries to the bathroom, whether high-tech or purely aesthetic, can make a huge difference in terms of your experience. There are those professionals who say consider what it is you want most for your bathroom and shift your priorities accordingly. If the floor of your existing bath is in decent shape, maybe you’ll opt to spend more on a bidet-function toilet seat or towel warmer rather than new tile. The sky is the limit for real.

Being able to achieve your personal vision for a luxurious bath can be extremely rewarding, All you must do is make sure the space you plan will satisfy you in the long term. With smart planning and time spent exploring your options, you’ll be well on the road to success.

Need some help with the planning and design? That’s where we come in. Call us today won’t you. We can work with you and your designer, or if you have a picture of that perfect scenario, that’s a place to start.

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