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Are You Ready For Summer Yet?

Ready, Set, Prep For Summer

Are You Ready Yet?

Your backyard is about to become center stage for your summer festivities. Why not start right now taking small steps to prepare now, so you’ll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the warm months ahead.

Prepping Your Patio

Let’s begin with your patio area. A simple and easy and affordable backyard update is to renew your concrete patio with a cement stain. These are usually available in a variety of colors and patterns limited only by your imagination, this sparkling new surface will make your patio look like it was just poured yesterday. Before you stain, make sure to thoroughly clean your patio area.

If you don’t have a overhead to block to sun, you could top off your patio project with a new way to shade yourself and guests. Hanging a shade sail can provide the most protection from the sun while adding vibrant color and patterns to your space.


Garden Tips and Tricks

For you who love you garden, this is right up your alley. This season, bring your veggie plants closer by creating a patio garden. By using hanging baskets, plant tomato, zucchini and pepper seeds along with your favorite herbs and spices.

If your considering this and have limited deck space, here is an easy solution. Grab an old canvas shoe organizer and fill the compartments with soil and your favorite plants or seeds. Affix to a tree branch or fencepost and voila…you’ll have a unique hanging garden in no time. These come in fabulous colors and should do very nicely holding in the moisture when you water.

Remember to keep your garden soil healthy with plant fertilizer. Used coffee grounds are an environmentally friendly (and budget friendly) option. The Starbucks Grounds for your Garden program offers used coffee grounds to customers free of charge and they are everywhere. Simply sprinkle the grounds on top of the soil to strengthen the health of your plants.

Another simple solution is using a compost tea is another great alternative to traditional chemical fertilizers. Harmless to pets, people and the environment, compost tea improves soil and reduces water stress.

Entertaining Environment


This is what you are waiting for right! Grilling and chillin! You can beat everyone to the punch by planning parties, and have everything all set for summer guests, parties and of course, decorations. To add sparkle to your party, why not recycle your jelly jars to make candle holders. Lowes’ and Home Depot and Tru Value are selling them as its canning season. Simply re purpose.

How about an outdoor room? Now is the time to call Action and get that sink plumbing started along with the electrical you need to make it beautiful and easy to use. We can help you with a wonderful design, or if you have a picture and know what you want we can help you make it happen. Install that fireplace for those cool nights into the fall, you can still cook out till weather is just too cold.

You may want to add personal flare to your party food by using your homegrown fruits and vegetables. Maybe on the grill or just by whipping up some truly fresh-tasting salsa, berry spreads or unique appetizers.

Summer Splash

If you have children or have Mom’s over with kids, here are some additional ideas. Fill up the kiddy swimming pool in no time with Moen’s hot/cold faucet. You can adjust the temperature so that the pool is instantly warm. Even the adults may want to dip their toes in. You can also keep indoor traffic to a minimum by using the hot/cold faucet for outdoor hand washing. A fun soap dispenser encourages hand washing, and can be attached to a number of different surfaces.

Want to add an outside shower? Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. can make it happen. You have plenty of time to give us a call, make your selections and complete that awesome patio.

Have fun out there, it’s the simple pleasures that make the best memories!

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