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Madison has had ongoing droughts and municipal water issues which have brought home the undeniable reality that, as a critical and essential life resource, Our Madison water supply is not only limited but in need of protection as best we can. There is good news about this situation: Everyone can do something about it. It’s just a matter of deciding what you want to commit to.

Today more than ever, companies and individuals are in the unique position of taking the lead on water conservation and making change happen.

If you stop and think about your contributions, no matter how small, be assured that they will have quite an impact. One way is by simply remembering to turn off the water when we brush our teeth. That can help right. If we plant native, drought-resistant gardens, we are making a difference.

Maybe more significantly if we consider trading in inefficient bathroom products, like toilets using 1.6 or more gallons of water and showerheads using 2.5 gallons per minute, we’re really having an impact; and think if everyone can do the same thing here in Madison alone it will be worth it. It is up to us to make a difference.

Stop and think for just a minute about human ingenuity. We believe that is a very beautiful thing. Comfort and conserving water are not mutually exclusive. Design projects around the country will continue to move forward in smart, efficient and water and energy-efficient ways, so we don’t have to choose between stunning style, great performance and doing our part. This in part is made possible by our high tech manufacturers providing stunning design styling in energy saving technology.

You Can Begin Here With Your Bathroom. Save Water & Make a Bold Statement

Please consider trading your toilets for new models. Unfortunately, toilets are the biggest offenders in the home when it comes to wasting water. As with most 10 year old homes, it is pretty certain that if you haven’t upgraded your toilet in the past 10 years it’s less efficient than it should be.

Statistics state that in California alone, the state with the most advanced guidelines, only 5.5% of toilets are high-efficiency using 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF) or less. Really if you’re unsure whether or not your toilet wastes water, it probably does. It seems to make better sense to go ahead and swap your toilet for a high-efficiency toilet that can save up to 16,500 gallons of water each year, reducing water use by up to 20% over a 1.6-gallon toilet. Now that is saving water…

Look for WaterSense - Meets EPA Criteria

Considering a trade on your toilets has some options for consideration:

Begin with the swap on older 1.6- to 3.5-GPF toilets for water-saving toilets with a 1.28-GPF or less.

You do have options on a single-flush toilet (what most of us have) and a dual-flush toilet that lets you choose between a half or full flush. Depending on family use and say a mud room or main bathroom.

Why limit yourself to white – Leading manufacturers all have water-saving toilets in a wide variety of colors.

Make sure to coordinate the design of your toilet with the look of your room. You can always go with a classic; however, go bold and select clean contemporary lines and details.

Next On The List Is Changing Your Showerhead and Save

Remember that making a decision to change something you are happy with may seem odd initially. That is unless the new shower results will be even better, for you and the world. State-of-the-art showering technology has evolved over the past few years. Changes in tech now make it possible to combine an incredible spray experience, even music, with saving water. Really, whether you opt for a single-function showerhead with great rinsing power or a multifunction showerhead that adds massaging and restoring sprays, it is very easy to go from a 2.5 gallon-per-minute (GPM) showerhead to a 2.0-GPM or less and save up to 40% more water.

Additional Incentives To Make The Change To Save

It will be very easy to swap your old showerhead or handheld shower head. Normally it just requires you to unscrew the old model and screw on the new.

Discover today’s fabulous upgrades, like a water-saving showerhead that features a wireless speaker. You may want to take it to the next level with a technology digital system that allows you to preset the duration of your shower to save water. Making you happy in your shower and saving have graduated to new levels.

Get Rid Of That Leaky Faucet For Good

Yes, you have thought about it, but go ahead and do it. Now you have a reason because it will save you a significant amount of water every year. In fact statistics say that you will save up to 30% over a 2.2-GPM faucet. And, in choosing a new style or finish can give your bathroom a new look and feel along with new decor. It makes perfect sense right?

Do you understand that the generic standard 2.2-GPM faucet can now be a 1.5-GPM. And, just so you know, if your current faucet is leaking around 60 drops per minute, it’s wasting up 2,304 gallons per year according to home water works.org. That is amazing right? By matching your new faucet design with your new bathroom styles you will be able to make a new statement about taking savings to a whole new level.

New Tips and Savings Options Keep It Simple

By providing a greater emphasis on water conservation in the home over the last decade, it is now easier than ever to find information on how to save water. A number of federal and municipal incentives exist to encourage water saving as well. In addition, remember to look for the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense label on the package. This logo signals a water-saving product.

As long as you are aware that individual states may have different water regulations you may want to check online for more information here in Madison. One of the most progressive states is California, and the CEC (California Energy Commission) regulates the state’s water policy and planning, as do some cities make additional options available through City Code Guidelines.

Creating the most sustainable home you can means being sure to check out LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which offers third-party verification for green building. Some cities offer rebates and refunds for installing water-efficient products. You can start by looking online or checking your city’s waterworks or sanitation department website for details. Find rebates in your area you may have been unaware of.

Common sense says that your new beautifully designed new bathroom fixtures will inspire upgrades in form, function, as well as our experiences in participation in better water efficiency. This is pure motivation . . and all the more reason to do our part today.

A qualified staff member is standing by to discuss saving water at your location. Please let us help you make your faucets, showerheads, toilets, and bath fixtures be an asset to you by saving you money. Call Action Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical in Sun Prairie, WI: (608) 837-3638. We proudly serve Madison Middleton, Sun Prairie Verona, Morona, Cottage Grove, De Forest communities, and more for your convenience.

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