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Smart Designs Create Versatile Sinks

Location Is Now A Consideration

Today’s kitchens are far more versatile than they were just a few years ago. Versatile in color, design, style, and now even in concept, the things needed in today’s kitchens have changed. Take parties for example, most of us entertain in the kitchen at some point during the events in our homes or business’. Snacks, participation in preparation, offering wine and cheese tastings, have placed new requirements on form and function in design concepts for kitchens. New innovation in technology is now discovered in products that are now providing functionality to vision in families, entertaining, and food preparation.

To see how efficient the modern kitchen has become, one may need to look no further than the once-humble kitchen sink. Smart designers are now creating sinks that do far more than merely hold water. The sinks of the past like the apron sink are on the rise as traditional looks return to their roots. New colored fixtures bring additional options never seen before as designer, client, vendor, and contractor all get on the same page to create the maximum home culture desired by today’s educated consumer. It’s really about so much more than just a kitchen to cook in. Let’s take a look at kitchen sinks as an example.

Living Large

While older kitchen sinks may have only been 6-7 inches deep, today’s sinks are often a more generous 9-10 inches deep to accommodate large pots and pans. The added depth also helps contain splashing. Many newer styled sinks have instant hot water, touch control, and pot fillers attached for convenience. Single-bowl models, such as the Riverby in the Kohler kitchen sink lines, are made of KOHLER enameled cast iron, offer generous space for cleaning larger items that won’t fit in the dishwasher, or that require hand washing. But if you prefer a divided sink, you’ll still have plenty of choices, including Smart Divide bowls that feature lower divides for cookie sheets and bigger pots. New-generation sinks make kitchen work more of a pleasure and less of a chore, and are easy for multiple people to gather around while entertaining. Think about what you want, design a vision you like, and then venture out and really look for what is new to choose from.

Location Location Location

Location has traditionally been in the forefront of realtors in discussion how important it can be for a business. We ask you to consider location as a motivator for organization, flow, and design in the kitchen, bath, laundry room, and bar sink areas just for fun. Why stay with the past, move into the Universal Design of the Home by changing your thought process on how to design. If you have a family, entertain more often, would like to host more parties and have friends over on a regular basis, then Kohler has some very unusual solutions.

Prep sinks is one. The smaller more functional sinks are also known as bar sinks, and can do a great job of cutting down on traffic around the main kitchen sink. The Cordial bar sink, made of KOHLER enameled cast iron, even comes with a mold for creating an ice block that fits neatly in the bowl and has holes for chilling up to three bottles of wine. Locating it directly in proximity of your wine fridge of choice, can be a very inviting area to direct guests to snacks, food preparation, or to serve beverage to suit any occasion.

New sink shapes, such as those in the Indio line, have spurred fresh orientations for faucets, a variety of faucet finishes, with clever offset designs that maximize the usable space in the sink and make the faucet more accessible, especially to children. If you couple these new product innovations with cabinet choices, wall colors and textures, light fixtures, and flooring; total design is as much a focal point as each individual item. Thinking outside of the box is now the norm. Long, slim trough sinks are great for making the most of the space in narrow kitchens and allowing people to work simultaneously without bumping into each other. The streamlined Crevasse prep sink also comes fitted with a sleekly high-tech synchronized garbage disposal that makes cleanup a snap.

Making It Work

So what’s in your kitchen or bath, or laundry room? Are you ready for a change? Maybe you have a limited budget and are not sure what can be done. Then call us here at Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc.. We carry a variety of leading manufacturers that offer state-of-the-art technologies, colors and styles to make just about anything you have to work with very easy. The variety of accessories available for the kitchen sink for instance extends far beyond the built-in soap dispenser. There are colanders perfectly sized for your particular sink model, cutting boards and drain boards, tool racks with custom soaking cups, wire rinsing baskets and drying racks in all kinds of materials just to name a few things you might consider as new options out there. The new generation of kitchen sinks are proof that even the simplest kitchen tools can be improved, making the work we do in the kitchen more of a pleasure and less of a chore.

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