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History Of Color In Plumbing Products

Plumbing Fixture Colors Tell Us About Society

As a homeowner in today’s marketplace, each of you has the opportunity to improve the value of your home in a variety of ways. Each project or renovation you undertake speaks volumes about what is available to use. Design, style, color, technology, and innovation all play a role in what you select for your home. The overall effect is hopefully increasing the aesthetic of your home or business, and increasing the value of that home or commercial location. That said, have you thought about the colors of the bathrooms and kitchens since the early 1900s? Just for fun, take a look at some of the colors that have been available in plumbing products since that time, and compare that with what is in the marketplace right now.

If you have finally saved up enough money to consider building your dream house, or doing a remodel on the kitchen or bathroom, remember you will be there quite a while and you may want to consider the latest hot colors out there to purchase in bathroom fixtures, kitchen fixtures, and commercial restrooms based on the past. Who would have thunk it! Your bath fixtures are an open history book! In an article about Color Trends for 2012 further down the page, we discussed the latest colors used in design trends, and in this article we are going back to color trends in plumbing fixtures. Let’s take a look back at some popular colors of the past. Inspiration for this article is taken from the link in the last paragraph to Kohler’s Color History.

  • The early 1920s showed us all white. Pretty much although functional, it was simple and direct. In the latter part of that decade, color began to make its appearance. Rich pastels in light browns were the trends, and of course beige. Beige had its day from World War I forward making a confident statement for all homes during that time period.
  • As families began to venture out of the home for all manner of activities, the 1930s played with neutrals like peach, and ushered in rich vivid colors like dark green and maroon. Yea, you remember that from your grandparents right.
  • From the 1940s and especially during the war years, the fashion and plumbing industries restricted the number of new colors. There were some soil-hiding colors like olive green, but for the most part not much changed.
  • Optimism after the war became the new thought and the 1950s were met with bold striking new colors like flamingo pink and cerulean blue. This carried over into the mid sixties, but didn’t really break the rules of the past.
  • Here we go next with the 1960s. In this decade of rule breaking, it seemed that anything was accepted. Notwithstanding, plumbing fixtures followed suit with colors like antique red, tiger lily and even blueberry, for Pete’s sake.
  • From rule breaking to you have got to be kidding, the 1970s of course began a whole revolution of style and design whose psychedelic sixties colors brought new ideas by using colors like sunflower, avocado and Swiss chocolate.
  • Design colors faded and the 1980s consisted of more muted tones made a much more sophisticated statement. These soft new colors such as sea foam green and innocent blush were considered in a new thoughtful design ethic. One which would take us right back to a more natural look.
  • This new look on life in the 1990s, made sure that we returned to our green roots. Soft colors gave way to a gentle earthtones look and a trend in green-building trends really began to catch on. New colors such as biscuit, beeswax and merlot were introduced at this time.
  • The new millennium while trending towards the bold but striking, has retained standards across the board, and yet pushes the envelope with caviar and honed white. That’s right, white where it all began.

From what we have said above, one might say we have come full circle, right back to where we started. Where are going next, well it should definitely be fun that’s for sure. For right now, you are invited to visit the Kohler website for a close look at the colors we mentioned above. Then review in your mind what you see now, and discover for yourself, exactly what you would like to see in your home. Then call us here at Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. Call us today and schedule one of our qualified staff professionals to meet with you to discuss your current remodel or renovation. Here is our convenient location to serve you: Sun Prairie, WI: 608-837-3638 when you need an expert for all your plumbing needs… Call us today and get started on making changes in your home!

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