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Madison Toilet Rebate Program Renewed For 2017

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 – 9:21am


This week the Madison Water Utility is continuing its popular Toilet Rebate Program for another year. MWU has set aside $250,000 to help fund the replacement of 2,500 old toilets in 2017.

It’s all part of a continued focus on conservation, sustainability and efficiency that has helped the city’s annual water use drop below 10 billion gallons for two years in a row. Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. is here to help you with all your rebate replacements. Please check out the link below and find out if you are eligible for this program and then call us to schedule installation of your new HET Water Saving toilet for you home, business, institutions, and facilities here in Madison.

Installation – Owners may install the toilets themselves, or they may hire a plumber or contractor to do the job. Owners are responsible for proper installation and associated costs. Installation may be subject to verification by water utility personnel. Toilets may be purchased at any supplier as long as they are on the WaterSense list of HETs. See the link below to take you to the US EPA list.

Since 2009, the Toilet Rebate Program has helped Madisonians replace more than 14,000 water-wasting toilets with EPA-rated high efficiency models. The utility estimates more than a half-billion gallons of water and $2.6 million in water and sewer costs have been saved because of the program. It’s also saved enough energy to power 130 Madison homes for a year. All Madison Water Utility customers—including businesses, schools, restaurants and hotels—are eligible to get a $100 bill credit for replacing an old toilet.

In recent years, water use has been on the decline in Madison. In 2015, annual water use dropped below 10 billion gallons for the first time since 1968. Madison Water Utility officials hope the continuation of the Toilet Rebate Program, coupled with the utility’s online water use tracker that gives customers access to their detailed water usage data, will help continue the trend of declining water use in Madison and protect the artesian aquifer that serves the city for generations to come.

Contacts: Media Inquiries: Amy Barrilleaux, Public Information Officer, (608) 266-9129, abarrilleaux@madisonwater.org

Toilet Rebate – for 2016 Renewed for one more year!

Low-to-moderate income homeowners may be eligible for toilet installation assistance through our Home Water Conservation Program. Find out more. and go complete the Application and check out if you are eligible.

Program Overview – Madison Water Utility is offering bill credits of up to $100 for customers who replace high water using toilets with EPA WaterSense-rated High Efficiency Toilet (HET) models. The program is a key part of MWU’s sustainability initiative to protect the deep-well aquifer that supplies the Madison area. Toilets eligible for rebate must be HETs (which use 1.28 gallons per flush or less) and must be on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WaterSense list. The program is limited to one rebate in the form of a bill credit per household or apartment unit for residential and multi-family customers. Commercial, industrial, and public authority customers are limited to 20 rebates in the form of bill credits per property address.

Note: Beginning in 2016, toilet rebates will issued as bill credits and now extended to 2017.

Water–Efficient Toilets are specifically designed HET toilets that can be used in conjunction with this renewed program here in Madison. Find Out More Here.


The US EPA Toilets are by far the main source of water use in the home, accounting for nearly 30 percent of an average home’s indoor water consumption. Older, inefficient toilets that use as much as 6 gallons per flush also happen to be a major source of wasted water in many homes. Water–efficient toilets, such as low–flow toilets, are a great way to reduce household water use.

Here Are The Flush Facts – Recent advancements have allowed toilets to use 1.28 gallons per flush or less while still providing equal or superior performance. This is 20 percent less water than the current federal standard of 1.6 gallons per flush. The WaterSense label is used on toilets that are independently certified to meet rigorous criteria for both performance and efficiency. Only water–saving toilets that complete the certification process can earn the WaterSense label.

While these toilets are mainly used in residences, WaterSense labeled flushometer-valve toilets are high-performance, water-efficient options for toilets in commercial applications.

WaterSense Savings – By replacing old, inefficient toilets with WaterSense labeled models, the average family can reduce water used for toilets by 20 to 60 percent—that’s nearly 13,000 gallons of water savings for your home every year! They could also save more than $110 per year in water costs, and $2,200 over the lifetime of the toilets.

Nationally, if all old, inefficient toilets in the United States were replaced with WaterSense labeled models, we could save 520 billion gallons of water per year, or the amount of water that flows over Niagara Falls in about 12 days.

Look for the WaterSense Label!


Whether remodeling a bathroom, starting construction of a new home, or simply replacing an old, leaky toilet that is wasting money and water, installing a WaterSense labeled toilet is a high-performance, water-efficient option worth considering. WaterSense labeled toilets are available at a wide variety of price points and a broad range of styles and in many areas, utilities offer rebates and vouchers that can lower the price of a WaterSense labeled toilet.

Technical Information – Are you a manufacturer interested in labeling your high-efficiency toilet, or a retailer or distributor interested in selling WaterSense labeled toilets? Please visit the Final Specification for Toilets page for more detailed information.

Action Plumbing invites you to keep our numbers handy; in Sun Prairie, WI: (608) 837-3638. So when you find yourself in need, you can reach out to us quickly, efficiently, and we will be there when you need us.

Making sure you are saving dollars on your water bill and doing your part for the environment has never been so easy. Call us right now, and let’s get start discussions about those replacement toilets today. Proudly Serving Dane County!

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