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The Throne In Your Home

18 Carat Is The Gold Standard

In honor of World Toilet Day on November 30, 2017, we have a little humor about a serious item. The Throne In Your Home. Let us set the stage with this priceless video below for you to watch. So a fitting fact for November 30 on World Toilet Day, is that you have a symbol of opulence right there in your own bathroom.

While you may not have been paying attention, a few months ago the Guggenheim Museum in New York unveiled a gleaming, 18-karat gold, fully functioning toilet, Yes, it’s true and what’s more all visitors can gaze at it and then actually use it, finishing with a flush if you are so inclined. Maurizio Cattelan, the Italian artist who created this fantastic toilet exhibit, named it “America” – an obvious statement on American excess.

In this episode, this is a visit to a real Golden Throne. “America” by Maurizio Cattelan, is a fully functioning, solid 18k gold toilet that is on display at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Now to the important part the reason for this article. The truth is, a toilet really does not have to be solid gold to be a luxury for many people outside of America. Real facts state that Globally, 2.4 billion people or 15% of the people in the world do not have access to a toilet and proper sanitation. There are people in the world who have never in their lives sat on a toilet or enjoyed a hot shower. That fact alone is hard to believe in this day and time.

You may be chuckling, but we are about to get very serious. The Throne In Your Home is important indeed. To you, your family, to Madison Water Utility, and to the water treatment plants in and around Madison proper. Think about this for a moment. What if the return on investment in sanitation in your community means a decrease in medical costs, and an overall increase in healthy people? Clean water, addresses sanitation as part of this work because we know that the benefits of clean water can be lost when hygiene doesn’t also improve. Combining clean public restrooms and hand-washing stations, in developing countries yields big gains – these interventions can promote better health and safety standards by 57 percent, reduce chronic malnutrition by 40 percent, reduce school absenteeism among girls by 50 percent. These are really food for thought. Most of us don’t realize how important a toilet is.

Now all that said, odds are you’ll never use the Guggenheim gold toilet. But now that you know how toilets and sanitation impact lives, safety, dignity, and human potential around the world, you can improve the odds for some of the millions of people who see any toilet as an unreachable luxury and make the appropriate selection for your home by selecting a WaterSense approved toilet for your next remodel project.

Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. is here to make sure that the selections of plumbing fixtures for your home meet your specified needs. If you are just replacing an old toilet, or starting a bathroom remodel project, we ask that you call us first. Remember for over 30 years we have been taking care of the safety and protected the health and well-being of our friends and neighbors of your plumbing fixtures in your homes, business, commercial institutions, and all types of facilities all over Madison and Sun Prairie.

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We can install:

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  • Vessel Sinks
  • Wall Faucets
  • Therapeutic Tubs
  • Programmable Toilets

When you are ready, call Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. We are experts offering the most reliable and trusted home improvement services in Sun Prairie, WI: 608-837-3638. Ask about all the cities we service in the Madison community. Call the Actionman today!

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