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Choose Bold Colors For Your Home

Choose Bold Colors For Your Home

Kitchen & Bath Color Tips


The kids are back in school, and the leaves fall as days grow shorter. If you live in the north, we must say goodbye to the grill and start spending more time in our kitchens. Maybe it’s time to do a refresh that makes it more efficient to entertain as well as keep the family indoors and happy. Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. has some new design tips you may want to consider in a quick new bold look for the kitchen, bath, laundry room, mud room, or guest quarters. If you’re like most people, you spend more time in the kitchen during the winter, preparing warming, comforting fare like soups and hearty pasta. But quality time in the kitchen can also reveal its shortcomings, like a sink and faucet that don’t look as great or perform as well as they should. The good news: Updating your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Neither does updating the bath, laundry room or mud room. It can be as easy as simply switching out your old sink in each of those areas for a new, more efficient model that fits into your current footprint.

Let’s put some fresh eyes on the kitchen and bath, and talk about simple easy-to-do projects that can support a more fun home life in the preparation and family meal get-togethers, as well as provide a new bolder and more inviting style with color.

In the kitchen, it can be as easy as a simple update in the kitchen like swapping your sink and faucet for new‚ more efficient models that are easy to install. While you consider that, don’t forget that you can be daring by employing the bold use of color. You have probably already done that in other areas of the home, but why not try this same use of colors in your new updated kitchen or bath?

If you want to consider these new bright hues, your basic neutral palette will make it easy to bring in some bold color. A new faucet finish, one bright colored wall, playful backsplashes in bold colors, and newly colored sinks can personalize and look great in either location, including the laundry room where everyone needs to be encouraged.

The place to begin often starts with you. What has long been a color you would like to see more of? Try to find your perfect color before you begin the selection process of finding paint chips, tile, and plumbing fixtures with matching faucets. Let’s call this your signature color if you want to. Once you know that’s the one, now you can have confidence in placing it into your home.

Consider New Ideas Then Move Forward With Your Design:

  1. Make the first bold color splash with a bold new color sink. What a fun way to make an impact in the room. By bringing in monochromatic hues of this first bold color, or even making a selection of 2 or 3 other complementary colors with your main accent, you can begin to meld the partnership throughout the rest of the room. With manufacturers like Kohler; the new colors could be Jonathan Adler design effects like Palermo Blue, Greenwich Green, Piccadilly Yellow and Annapolis Navy each available exclusively on three kitchen sinks and three bathroom sinks. But don’t stop there because you have 28 others to choose from. All enameled cast iron and plenty of styles to select from as well. So if you want the Farmhouse in the kitchen or a lavatory in the bath or laundry/mud room, it’s the perfect first place to start with the rest of your design.
  2. Master the use of this new color. Having a big impact on mood and what happens in a space is the reason you need to do it. Restaurants and retail outlets have discovered this process, and color psychologists for these institutions often select colors that will encourage diners to splurge on dessert or draw shoppers into a store. Why not begin with using this same principle for your new design aesthetic. We understand that you want your kitchen to be a comfortable space for your friends and family that encourages an appetite in a place of fun and beauty.
  3. Why not make up your own rules. By really introducing and living in these new bold design choices, you will truly make your space your own. If you make your own rules, you boldly go where you haven’t been before. For those predictable areas you simply walk through without enjoyment, you can now take time to see your new handiwork. Experimentation is key to getting the look and feel you really will enjoy. This applies to the half bath that is small, as well as the huge new bold kitchen you will create. New plumbing fixture faucet finishes are a great way to achieve a subtle transition to this bold new look. Selection of a bronze or antique gold that isn’t used elsewhere in the home, such as Kohler’s Vibrant Modern Brushed Gold or the new Oil Rubbed Bronze finish, can bring a feeling of instant warmth. Add a wall with a bold incorporating color in an unexpected fashion by applying your favorite wallpaper to the ceiling, or maybe a large installation of tile behind or adjacent to the new splash of color.
  4. Remember to zero in on a focal point. Introducing color may not require a complete redo. Instead, focus on a smaller project within the space to create a focal point or accent. Use this new color to draw your eye to the location of the new faucet, wallpaper or tile installation. This can act as the foundation on which to build the style of the entire room. A simple pairing of the bold sink color with the new color finish on the faucet fixtures will be a great start!
  5. Once you complete this first bold step, then integrate and layer the next items to complete the visual interest. Don’t forget to do your homework. A fresh coat of paint, a bright backsplash or bold new sink, means you may need to see it before you begin. Websites and magazines are a great source to see how new colors can best be used to enhance your space. Don’t forget that Kohler has the new web app that can apply the use of color to any space and then store it for later access. Websites like Houzz.com put more than half a million design photos at your fingertips and allow you to store your favorites in your very own idea book on the site as well.


Once your homework is done and the concept is complete, you can eliminate any lingering hesitation by remembering it’s about you being happy in your new design whatever colors you use. Accents in things like curtain, rugs, pillows, candles, accessories are easily changed from season to season and will help you maintain a new look and feel every season if you really wanted to.

Consider using Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. for all your new plumbing fixture purchases. Remember we carry all leading manufacturers like Bosch, Kohler, Moen, Standard, Price Pfister and more for you to choose from. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Call us today, and set up an appointment to come in to choose from our wide selection of plumbing products. Sinks, vessels, toilets, faucets, showerheads, tubs, kitchen sinks, and more for every new location in your bold new home!

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