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WaterSense 2013

WaterSense Mission & Action Plumbing

The WaterSense™ label is a great place to start when you’re looking for water-saving plumbing products that perform. The name WaterSense, is known worldwide and as The Environmental Protection Agency’s partnership program. WaterSense promotes water-efficient products, as well as education programs and teaches throughout the US. So you can be sure that products bearing the WaterSense label offer significant water savings and meet strict performance standards. Here at Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc., we stand firm in support of WaterSense, and all Energy Saving Programs that can save you our clients more money in 2013.

By supporting nationally recognized plumbing manufacturers like Kohler Co., Moen, American Standard, Bosch, Elkay, and Price Pfister, we are able to help educate consumers like yourself with quality sustainable plumbing products for the home as well as your commercial locations. Did you realize that Kohler has been recognized for its commitment to advancing the WaterSense mission and has received four consecutive EPA WaterSense awards? This includes the 2009 and 2008 WaterSense Manufacturing Partner of the Year, the inaugural WaterSense Excellence Award for strategic collaboration in 2010, and, most recently, the 2011 WaterSense Excellence Award for strategic collaboration.

Below are some of the exciting events and programs Kohler promoted in support of water conservation.

2012 WaterSense Excellence Award Winner

Kohler planned, sponsored and executed the “Wasting Water is Weird” public service announcement campaign with several other organizations in the industry. This campaign was a bold and humorous way to reach consumers with the water conservation message and also included a large social media and web component, helping increase its effectiveness with a larger audience.

KOHLER product placement in several high-profile projects and locations including ABC’s Extreme Makeover made news all over the globe. Home Edition; Yellowstone National Park; The House in Innoventions at Epcot, Disney World, Orlando, FL; PUNCHouse, Lisa Ling’s personal home focused on sustainable living; and the World Trade Center museum restrooms were all national efforts using industry standard products made by Kohler.

Another initiative called out by WaterSense was Kohler’s introduction of the Numi toilet, Kohler’s most advanced toilet. The Numi toilet is Kohler’s most water-efficient dual-flush toilet and proves that water efficiency can be integrated into luxury products without sacrificing performance or design.

Additionally, Kohler increased its WaterSense labeled showerhead offering by more than double, providing a multitude of new designs to consumers that will continue to help save water. Did you know that Kohler has been an industry leader in the WaterSense Program since 2008? Take a look at their accolades.

2011 WaterSense Excellence Award Winner

2010 WaterSense Excellence Award Winner

WaterSense 2009 Partner of the Year

WaterSense 2008 Partner of the Year

Did you know that WaterSense has a commercial program that is available to you? WaterSense has developed WaterSense at Work, a compilation of water-efficiency best management practices, to help commercial and institutional facilities understand and better manage their water use, help facilities establish an effective water management program and identify projects and practices that can reduce facility water use. Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. believes this is the future for all commercial facilities of any kind and we work diligently to stand with manufacturers within our industry who support and guide their product lines to facilitate savings as well as conservation of our natural resources.

For instance, WaterSense at Work can help you by implementing water-efficient best management practices, commercial and institutional facilities have an opportunity to:

  • Achieve cost savings
  • Increase competitive advantage
  • Reduce risks associated with water scarcity
  • Demonstrate leadership
  • Access opportunities in the green building marketplace

If you are a commercial building facilities owner in any industry, WaterSense has a program available for you to review, participate in, and grow with. All facilities owners should review the WaterSense programs made available by the EPA to better manage and reduce their water use. There are many opportunities associated with specific equipment and systems used at commercial and institutional facilities that you may not be aware of. Part of our job here at Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. is to help show you each of these opportunity programs so you may have access to tips for improving the operation, maintenance, and education on their proper use if installed in your facilities. This can also provide valuable retrofit and replacement options to make these products and equipment more water efficient while considering the impact of product performance. Detailed guidance for determining how much water a facility could save by implementing one or more of the recommended practices are covered in case studies, and gaining access to The Commercial and Institutional Facilities Fact Sheets made available from the epa.gov website will be very helpful in finding out more about:

  • Getting Started
  • Water Use Monitoring and Education
  • Sanitary Fixtures and Equipment
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment
  • Outdoor Water Use
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Laboratory and Medical Equipment
  • Onsite Alternative Water Sources

Commercial building owners and managers understand and are eager to help this nation determine the best course of action for continued federal energy performance standards and for improving energy efficiency with a focus on reducing water use. Water Sense, Energy Star Rated products, and Green Building Products play a huge role in saving water and energy, but so do our actions. Educating building occupants about each and every possible option available can and will make a big difference in water usage.

Do you know the best ways to save water and money in your home or business? Call Action Plumbing & Heating in Sun Prairie, WI: 608-837-3638 today to find out how you can start saving in your location.

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