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Sinks Make It All So Easy

Keep It Fun Wherever You Cook!


Having a new kitchen has never been so fun for the family, friends and chefs in commercial kitchens alike. The rise in cooking shows on TV makes it all look easy, and the rise in popularity of exciting products for these new kitchens is gaining extreme popularity. Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. would like to offer some new information about sinks for your home, business, or commercial restaurant kitchen.

Here is a question for you. Is the kitchen above a home kitchen, corporate board setting kitchen, or a designated area set up in a restaurant area? Pretty exciting right! Let Action Plumbing open up your mind by educating you about what is available to choose from now before you make your final decision. Remember that we offer you home plumbing, business plumbing, and commercial plumbing solutions as you begin your next projects. Plumbing is our business and we have been serving the greater Madison community for over 25 years.

“People are spending more time in the kitchen,” says designer Linda Eberle at Dream Kitchens in Madison, WI. “They’re entertaining more, they’re cooking more and they are requiring kitchens that perform at a professional level.”

What an exciting time to consider a remodel or renovation! Keeping this in mind, manufacturers like Kohler, Delta, Bosch, Elkay, and Price Pfister have responded to the demand for a truly professional-style kitchen with speed and efficiency. Now as a homeowner, business owner, or commercial kitchen restaurant cafe or bistro owner, you can purchase items that may have only been available to professional restaurateurs. It is true that each cook has individual needs, and that is why Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. is here to help you plan, select, and install what will best suit your cooking needs.

Professional Styled Sinks For Every Situation:

Action Plumbing invites you to explore for a moment some research now available for sinks and what is new and exciting for your home, business location, or commercial kitchen in your cafe, bar, or restaurant… Here are some things to learn:

New Kitchen Products Are Built To Last

For kitchen sinks, refrigerators, dishwashers, bar sinks, and ranges, stainless steel is still the first choice of many professionals, business owners and homeowners alike who want to take everything to the next level in their latest projects. Stainless steel is very practical and has some basics that everyone appreciates. First, it resists nicks and scratches and is easy to maintain. You will love the clean look of stainless steel, and would not be taking high-tech style to extremes. Plumbing to all these new appliances is what Action is all about.

Let our qualified staff here at Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. work with you and your designer to create that special kitchen we can create for your family and friends to enjoy. If a business setting needs a remodel, let’s discuss new styles of products and plumbing solutions that can increase function for each location. If commercial kitchens is your thing, we have just the right products to show you and the plumbing requirements to make sure your chefs can cook to their heart’s content and still maintain current code requirements.


For an enhanced design addition, consider new materials and textures to warm the look of a stainless steel kitchen. Your existing or new wood cabinets will provide a great start and should contrast and organic element you may not have considered till now. Another option might be a cast iron sink. Adding new rich colors without sacrificing durability is a great option for any location.

Kohler has great new colors in a variety of these sinks and coupled with granite and quartz countertops, give both form and function if you need to expand your workspace. For moms, it means the kids can help, for a business setting it serves as a buffet area in your corporate board room, and in a commercial restaurant, it might expand your dessert bar, kitchen counter, or chef’s table for wine and cheese tastings.

Remodeling your kitchen can increase the value of your home, business, or commercial kitchen; and since most of us are spending more time in the kitchen why not consider a kitchen that perform at a professional level at the same time. Plumbing upgrades can be made during this remodel or renovation, and will mean fewer problems later in the life of both your kitchen, business, and commercial setting.

The Sky Is The Limit For Most Sinks Today

Have you seen the new technology and products available to you in the marketplace? Spending more time in the kitchen means more people to help, more function is required, and ways to unclutter and access water, dishwashers, islands, refrigerators and prep areas. You can now have more than one sink. Maybe in an island, in a prep area, bar sink inside the kitchen or outside in your outdoor room, and elsewhere around the house where needed. Most Gourmet chefs and home cooks alike often have at least three tasks going on all the time as they prepare appetizers, meals for a large gathering, family sit-down dinners and the like so many of your needs have changed since you built your home or business and commercial setting.

It is a great idea to contact us here at Action Plumbing to discuss what plumbing needs will be necessary for your brand new kitchen, outdoor room, shower area around the pool, sink in the laundry room, and shower and spray area in the mud room. Being able to simplify for the entire family in day to day needs, as well as entertaining means everyone wins. You will also save time and energy as most products manufactured are energy saving and rated well in the savings column across the board.

More and more home cooks are inviting friends and family members to pitch in – making cooking a truly social experience. Sinks in more than one location make these culinary collaborations more convenient—and productive–for everyone. Bearing all these new things in mind, consider adding a trough sink to the counter near your cooktop for extra efficiency and convenience. Other secondary sinks come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and work great for dedicated tasks such as rinsing glasses and icing bottles or hors d’oeuvres.

Don’t forget to look for a sink that offers plenty of accessories which can enhance your cooking style. Some quick inexpensive ideas might be moveable cutting boards, rinsing baskets and various trays and receptacles that make prep tasks easier and more fun. Chef-inspired Stages™ sinks by Kohler feature accessories tailored to each stage of the cooking process. The Bakersfield sink on the right here by Kohler might be the perfect addition to your home.


One of the newest features in Sinks right now have an integrated wet surface that will increase available workspace and simplify prep tasks and cleanup. When you’re done, the stainless steel wet surface is easy to clean, and drains right into your sink. Swing-away spouts can move out of your way as you put larger pots in the sink or even above the range or stove top for easy pot filling. Sidesprays are excellent for washing fruits and vegetables as you prepare them. And pot fillers – a real chef-worthy amenity — serve as extendible faucets, and can be installed next to your stovetop or prep sink for easy water access.

Don’t forget about the clean up. After a great meal, you want cleanup to be quick and easy so you can get out of the kitchen and back to your family or guests. High-arching, swing-away spouts and pull-down spray faucets allow close proximity to your work by targeting the spray exactly where you need it. Smart Divide® sinks lower the divider between sink bowls, and make it easier to clean large, bulky items like roasting pans, mixers, special griddles and grilling pans.

Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. invites you to consider adding new sinks to your next project for your home, business, or commercial facility. The right kitchen layout, new technology in the latest appliances and fixtures will greatly change the way you bring family and friends together for great times in your home or gathering. It’s all about fun, friendship and preparing the perfect meal.

Here is our convenient location to serve you: Sun Prairie, WI: (608) 837-3638 when you need an expert for all your plumbing needs…Get started on making changes in your home, business or commercial facility kitchen! Your Favorite Sun Prairie Plumber!

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