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Selections To Express Your Style

Consider Color For Your Remodel

Once upon a time, when it came to choosing plumbing fixtures, your only choice was white. Right? That wasn’t so long ago really. If you wanted to bring color into the bath, you had to do it with accessories (shower curtains, rugs, fuzzy toilet seat covers) or the surfaces in the room (tile backsplashes and tub surrounds, flooring, countertops). Not so now. Times have changed. Now bathroom fixtures are available in a broad palette of colors ranging from Biscuit to Black Black. And we aren’t talking about just fixtures, we are talking designer art pieces for the bold if your game.

If you take a look at Kohler’s newest lines for the home, you may want to review not-quite-whites such as Sunlight, Skylight, Innocent Blush and Tea Green occupy the softer end of the scale. On the opposite end are bold shades like Igneous Blue, Vapour Green and Roussillon Red. You can choose sinks, tubs and toilets in delicate Cashmere, rich Timberline, or warm Wild Rose. Or you can choose from a variety of KOHLER Artist Editions, decorated products in multiple colors as well like in the picture on the right of this article.

You may want to test your color quotient – Would you be happy with colored fixtures in your bathroom? That depends on your personal style, and how long you expect to be in your home. Most interior designers and color consultants recognize similarities among homeowners who opt for color fixtures. They are generally people with confident attitudes, and what’s more usually are building or remodeling a bathroom to suit their own style, not worrying about whether prospective future owners of the home will like it.

When considering color, most people generally are very comfortable with color and use it throughout their homes, choosing various shades for walls, carpets, furniture and accessories. People who live with a lot of color won’t have any problem using a colored fixture in the bathroom, in most cases, especially when those types of selections are included for consideration. More colors, more color and how designer clients use color in their homes has changed. Trends are mounting with a lot more color in people’s homes than when white was the only color to choose from.

Why the change? Most designers think fashion and globalization,account for a large number of new trends. The influence we’re seeing is incredible and today’s brighter colors can be traced to the palettes of Mexico and India, Bali and, in some cases the past. More subtle shades often reflect the hues found in nature. Truth told, it’s really about design, planning and your vision. Interior design could begin with a single influence and taken from there.

Color in the bath – Many homeowners opt to play it safe when it comes to fixtures, choosing whites or neutrals. Leading designers say now that if their clients fall in love with colored fixtures, they are usually always encouraged to follow their instincts. If you’re reluctant to incorporate color in your master or guest bathroom fixtures, consider doing it in the powder room. Though small, this room can make a strong statement about you and your home. So why not use color to say it?

For instance: If blue is your favorite color, for example, you can choose fixtures in Cobalt Blue or Navy; or go with a traditional white toilet and pair it with a dramatic Vessels Spun Glass™ sink in Aquamarine Glass. Another way to add color interest to a room is by opting for a much more dramatic faucet finish or style, in shades such as brushed copper, brass or nickel. Vintage hues can also play a big part in what you may want to select. If you’ve got a vintage bathroom that you want to update, you may want a couple of ways to accommodate colored fixtures. If the existing fixtures are in excellent shape—and often they are—then let’s just keep them and work around your subtle green sink, tub and toilet. Leading designers say that homeowners can choose faucets, accessories and wall coverings that match the vintage style of the colored fixtures, or update the room’s look by using white walls and contemporary accessories.

What if you want to “Go For The Bold”? Make a statement. If you’re ready to make that statement, consider designating your sink area as the focal point of your bath or powder room. A brightly patterned undercounter sink with a solid-color countertop can look striking. Likewise a boldly colored sink with matching vanity top, like the new Ipanema™, Congo™ and Zanzibar™ sinks and countertops from KOHLER. These pieces are so finely detailed and painstakingly crafted they’re like works of art for the bathroom.

Match point – A word of caution when mixing fixture colors—for example a white pedestal sink and a black toilet—in a small space. The result can look, unfinished and the aesthetic might be ill perceived. You certainly don’t want someone to say How did this happen?’ because it obviously looks like it hasn’t been completed. On the other hand, rules are made to be broken, and they don’t have to match, but you have to pull it all together to make sure it looks like you did this on purpose. That is where a designer can help if you have never remodeled before.

To pull your bathroom style together, consider adding a beautiful decorated sink, bath or toilet that includes or complements the colors of your existing fixtures. Kohler’s Crimson Topaz design above, is inspired by 18th-century European botanical drawings, is primarily white, but pulls in shades of red, green and mocha. Another floral design, English Trellis, combines blues, yellows, and greens. And the Nantucket™ sink, reminiscent of a beach cabana, could be combined with either cream or white fixtures. So many things to choose from is now distinction beyond style.

Whether your taste tends toward soothing pastels or bold, saturated hues, you can choose from a rainbow of bathroom fixtures to suit your personal style. Are you ready for that new look in your own expressive style? Call us today. Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. in the Madison Wisconsin area is all about helping you build your dream. Sun Prairie, WI: 608-837-3638. A qualified staff member is here to help you with all your new fixture selections.

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