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Organizing Your Styled Kitchen

Inspiration Meets Function

Do you long for a tidy, organized kitchen where everything is at your fingertips and has a place to be all the time? Did you know there are thousands of products and kitchen appliances and products designed to speak to your organization needs out there in today’s market? If the answer is yes and no, then you need to read on about some tips to get the job done. Many of these solutions are easily purchased on line, through grocery stores and department stores, and small appliances can be purchased and installed quickly efficiently and safely by Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc..

Let’s take a quick journey through some ideas for removing clutter your new kitchen. Cabinet Lazy Susan’s, Slide-Out Cabinets or baskets, Cabinet Pantry Pull-Outs, or Cabinet Hardware, shelving, wall systems, hooks, rods, shelf organizers and storage solutions of all kinds are out there just waiting for you to purchase and place them in your home.

Now that you have decided to focus on that special project and get it completed, why not organize the kitchen or bath while you’re at it. Outstanding designer selections in organizers of all kinds bring peace and quick food preparation when the family gets home. Usually the simple design that brings total ease of use is the rule of thumb about having great kitchen organization.

Here are a few ideas and things Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. can recommend to you for your new kitchen that may work your family.

  • Sorting and tossing are first critical steps to efficient organization. A well thought out purge is necessary to save space and create a simple clean elegant look.
  • Storage with close proximity to need is always a good idea. Now that you are down to the essentials, storing your necessary items closer where your work space is or in under counter small appliances or directly into cabinets in the defined workspace maximize your time.
  • Adding dividers and being able to stack like products in drawers puts everything within easy reach. Small shelves can minimize effort, but effectively keep them stored till they are used. That frees up space.
  • Get rid of the junk in drawers, cabinets and existing storage areas and pantries. By using hidden or wall space for hooks which house cups, mugs, tools, cooking utensils, measuring devices, you can begin the process of reducing the clutter.
  • Contain all paper like menu’s, cookbooks, magazines, and all such paper clutter into colorful files folders for easy storage in categories. Pencils pens, markers, coupons, gadgets and bags can all be placed in central locations for easy access by everyone in appropriate matching decor accessories.

If you are considering larger changes to your kitchen, like new appliances or making some additional minor remodeling enhancements, a little planning can save you a lot of time and clutter busting down the road. Water Sense friendly Refrigerators that maximize interior space with components like drawers, freezer drawers, wall mounted microwaves, wine frigs, drink dispensers, and middle frigs doors all help to organize and store leftovers and daily snacks are very popular with most families right now. Refrigerator drawers, dishwashers in islands, new prep sinks and instant hot water faucets are all great ideas for your brand new island.

A few accessories for the sink can help reduce the need for extra stuff. Keeping all these items right where you need them means not having to do a search and saves you and your family time. Mini shelving, baskets, above counter storage are all ideal around sinks with backsplashes or wall on either side.

Counter top storage is always necessary, especially if your kitchen has minimal storage. Finding new and matching storage containers for large wooden spoons, spatulas, and the like are best seen in storage containers with flour, sugar, cereal, and rice and pasta items as examples. Many stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, Lowes, The Kitchen Store, Neiman Marcus and Target now have designer brands which can be flexible in providing multiple choices for location storage. It never hurts to buy more than you need at the time, just in case you may need additional items later. With all the products in our designer ideas; make sure you discuss whether or not sinks, faucets, tile and appliances can be changed to matching decor. Action can really help you with sources on line, brochures for vendors, and suggestions of new products in the last few months that would be a great addition in organizing your home or business kitchens.

More Ideas To Enhance Your New Kitchen

  • A faucet with a water filtration system eliminates the need for a filter attachment or a pitcher in the fridge and on the counter. It’s always ready and easily accessible if you decide to have a prep sink and a washing sink.
  • Soap or lotion dispensers make it convenient to use after cleanups, and sponges and dish clothes and towels look great in matching baskets with flat bottoms.
  • Hot water dispensers mean no more boiling water for pasta, rice, veggies and the like. One more pot to store is totally awesome. Some kitchens maximize pot filling by having a simple faucet mounted right around the stove.
  • Rinse baskets are really great for drying just a few pieces of pet bowls, glassware or small snack dishes and minimize the clutter look because they are below eye level. Mini drawer dish washers in bars, kitchens, laundry rooms, and mud rooms can handle the day to day issues from multiple needs in various locations as the family gets home.
  • Sinks with a lower middle divider allow you to soak large bake ware pans, cookie sheets, and huge roasting pans inside below the counter and not visible to the eye. Pull outs with places for colanders make it easy to have 2 or 3 people in various locations helping to get meals ready.
  • Sink faucets can keep the back of the counter clutter free and may include handy pullout or pull down sprays for easy use. Some new styles turn on with a mere touch. An island prep sink with refrigerator drawers and freezers is so handy for large family gatherings and entertaining. Everyone can help.
  • How about a remote control sink strainer! Keeps your hands dry and there’s no stopper showing up around the sink. Can you imagine the possibilities once you know what you need?

Be creative with your selection process, shop wisely and be sure to ask for the kids help too. They have simple solutions they can use to help you when baking, preparing meals, and in getting snacks in between meals.

Call Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. today. A qualified staff member in Sun Prairie, WI: 608-837-3638, is standing by to help when you call. It is our hope that as you go through the web site, you will find out more about our family here at Action, and discover that we can help you in so many ways in your home and commercial business.

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