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Fixture Finishes & Style

Proper Care & Cleaning


Kitchen, Bath, and Laundry rooms all have one thing in common. Sinks, faucets, and cabinets right? While the finishes, colors and styles may be different for your particular setting, proper care and cleaning of these beautiful items is always required. Each finish may have special needs you need to be aware of. If you have considered a remodel, renovation, or upgrade for home, business, or institution then this article is for you. Before you buy, take a hard look at what is available, the pros and cons based on selection, and how to keep these finishes and style looking their best at all times.

Action Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning & Electric, Inc.,  your favorite Madison plumber; has the durability, price, appearance information, and the Two-Year No-Drip Guarantee you need to make the best purchases for those new sinks, faucets, cabinets and plumbing fixtures for your new project. Action Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning and Electric’s total mission is to add real value to the lives of our customers! We as employees of Action Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning and Electric, Inc. are willing to do whatever it takes to make our customer’s lives easier, your purchases exactly what you need, and teach you how to make sure they perform over the life of your home, business, or institution.

The Most Popular Types of Standard Plumbing Fixture Finishes – With so many beautiful designs and styles out there, you may know exactly the period and look and feel you want, but what these necessities are made of is of critical importance. Let’s take a look at what is popular right now and point out some issues you may or may not be aware of.

Remember to keep in mind that most plumbing fixtures have a lifetime warranty when it comes to finishes, so if you have an old favorite faucet that’s looking drab, try calling the manufacturer to see what the warranty policy is. If you are not yet familiar in selecting finishes, it’s a really good idea to match colors and ensure the exact same finish. If you buy everything from the same company you will have peace of mind everything will look great.

  • Chrome – Versatility of Chrome provide the most inexpensive finish out there right now. Easy to clean and maintain, it’s durability and ease of matching accessories and other fixtures keeps it a top seller. If water spots and fingerprints make you crazy, you may want to continue to look for something a little less visible. This versatile look works with all design styles and can be upgraded easily.
  • Matte Black – Increasing in popularity, matte black finishes match many of the latest vanities and accent pieces. Making a statement is easy to do, and when it is easy to clean, doesn’t really show dirt, fingerprints or water spots, it is so easy to not have to change every aspect of your particular location. Matte black is easy to use with other bathroom accessories right now, however, matching color may be more costly and as far as style is concerned it is a little more modern and eclectic in taste.
  • White – Clean and brilliant, this type of finish statement is best for contrast and blending in an all white bath, kitchen, or laundry room. Durability in the plastic or porcelian provides ease of use, easy to clean and freedom from those water spots and fingerprints as well. Remember porcelain bath and kitchen fixtures are more fragile than metal, chipping can happen, and cost could be a factor. Styles lend themselves to modern and farmhouse designs.
  • Polished Brass – This all time favorite keeps that vintage look that stays easy to clean, provides a durable surface that is easy to match with other fixtures and design styles you prefer. While expenses could be a little more than other types like chrome and brushed nickel, stylisticily it’s coming back in modern, traditional, and yes even eclectic settings.
  • Satin Brass – A slight variant on polished brass, the subtle brushed gold look is bold, looks classy, and is trending right now. Providing a subtle color for additional accents, this durable matte finish never shows unsightly spots and fingerprints. Supply may be hard to find, and expenses could be higher, remember you will need to match colors somewhat closer. Traditional, modern and contemporary settings alike all have a great showing for this unusual look.
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze – This pleasing aesthetic alternative to the popular chrome and brushed nickel styles is pure traditional look and feel. Durable, easy to find and keep clean mean water spots and fingerprints will be a daily thing of the past. This beauty finish will be more expensive, but can be darkened to match old light switch plates or cabinet knobs. Old world charms from Tuscan or Mediterranean settings will enhance these bronze beauties.
  • Copper – Bold and always rich, this finish is unmistakable when paired with marble or mineral finishes. With super antibacterial properties, it heals itself, is easy to find, and scratches seem to blend in with age. Some copper finishes may need more maintenance, but aging naturally brings out that special patina it’s known for. Copper may be a little more difficult to match with other fixtures and accessories, and is slightly less durable. Tuscan, farmhouse, and the totally growing steampunk designs make great flair.
  • Satin Bronze – This in-between finish color, has subtle color and is more flexible in style and settings. Durable, easy to clean and maintain, this is a great alternative to copper and oil rubbed bronze. While water spots and fingerprints won’t show, it is hard to find and cost is higher. Matching accessories may be an issue. Traditional, eclectic, and Mediterranean designs go quite well with this smooth finish beauty.
  • Polished Nickel – This smooth, shiny finish is darker than chrome and may vary in color in light. This durable finish is quite easy to clean, but is more expensive and matching accessories require more time to find. While this is a great alternative choice to the brushed nickel, remember it blends easily into modern, contemporary, traditional and eclectic styles without a hitch.
  • Brushed Nickel – Soft metallic looks stand the test of time. Considered one of the most durable finishes, longevity is the norm. Timeless is style, this design repels water spots and fingerprints. Easy to clean, easy to find, and easy to match are acclaimed by all designers who choose this special look. Pricier than chrome, coordination with overall looks means it will blend well without making a statement.

Care & Cleaning

Today’s manufacturers in plumbing fixtures outperform all previous products. More materials and style that are available, are simply more beautiful. This means you the customer have never had it so easy to change the design of your kitchen, bath, business, or institution alike. Do remember also, that while it has it’s own special aspect, care and cleaning is critical to maintain that timeless beauty over the life of your home in particular…

For best results, keep the following in mind when caring for your plumbing products:

  • Test your cleaning solution on a small out of way area before cleaning or polishing the surface
  • Wipe all surfaces clean and rinse completely with water after applying cleaner
  • Rinse and dry any overspray that lands on nearby surfaces of cabinets and countertops
  • Do not allow cleaners to soak on the surface of the fixtures
  • Always use a soft, dampened sponge or cloth. Never use an abrasive material such as a brush or scouring pad to clean surfaces

Ongoing success with cleaners and procedures may also be dependent upon such factors as the hardness and temperature of the water, using exact measurements of ingredients, changes in cleaning formulas and the condition of the products being cleaned. These varibles within these factors, may not guarantee the effectiveness of the formulas you use. As with all leading companies, whatever you purchase, go to their web site and become familiar with their care and cleaning directions.

Cleaning surfaces are important to you in keeping the value of your home in check and maintaining the integrity of your warranty. Here is a list of various surfaces that could make a difference in how you care and maintain them. If you are not aware of what a particular fixture is in your new home, business, or institution, this list may help you identify specific characteristics by photo on the internet. Go directly to the manufacturer you have, and do a search to see if any of these terms identify exactly what you have to work with.

  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Enameled Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks
  • Vitreous China & Fireclay Kitchen Sinks
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks
  • Undertone® Preserve™ Stainless Steel
  • Neoroc™ Kitchen Sinks
  • Bathroom Sinks
  • Cast Iron Bathroom Sinks
  • Vitreous China Bathroom Sinks
  • Stainless Steel Bathroom Sinks
  • Faucets & Fittings
  • Chrome & Vibrant® PVD Colors/Finishes
  • Vitreous China Faucets and Finishes
  • Baths & Whirlpools
  • Cast Iron Baths & Whirlpools
  • Acrylic Baths & Whirlpools
  • Lithocast® Baths and Whirlpools
  • Flushing Your Whirlpool
  • Cast Iron Shower Bases
  • Acrylic Shower Bases
  • Toilets, Bidets & Urinals
  • Vitreous China Toilets & Bidets
  • Waterless Urinal
  • Toilet Seats
  • Shower Bases
  • Furniture
  • Wood Furniture
  • Countertop Surfaces
  • Special Surfaces
  • Decorated Products
  • Honed White
  • Medicine Cabinets
  • Bronzed Living Surfaces
  • Shower Doors
  • Spun Glass® Surfaces
  • Choreograph System

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